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What If Writing Was Like An Office Job

What If Writing Was Like An Office Job

It’s January, so it must be time you were told to change your life because everything’s wrong with it. Most of us will stumble across some article this week telling us to ditch the day job and follow our passion. But what if writing was like an ordinary, everyday office job?

Mr. McGuffin’s Plot Device And Writer Unblocking Emporium

Okay, Fine, We've Been Twisted By Grip-Lit. But What's Next?

3 Writers enter Mr McGuffin’s Plot Device and Writer Unblocking Emporium in dire need of help. Will Mr McGuffin be able to save the tragic lovers of the romance novelist? What’s in the bloodstained suitcase? Just what is going on with the world’s most mysterious dog? And how long can one pun be stretched out over an entire blog post? Click the bait to find out.

5 Cheeky Tips For Bloggers Embarking On The A-Z Challenge

  April is a month when thousands of bloggers embark on what’s called the The A-Z Challenge: where people blog on 26 near-consecutive days (every day except Sundays) – on a theme of their choice. It’s a fantastic exercise. It can get the blog blood flowing, prodding bloggers either out of a pit, or into a routine; and it’s a sure-fire way…

Authors! Your First Chapter Is Killing Your Book

To begin with, let’s make one thing clear: first chapters SUCK. The best first chapters in the world still suck – for writers, that is. The simplistic beauty of killer first lines and blockbuster beginnings, which hook the reader in several different ways, will usually cause their writers to collapse in a puddle of headachey sweat, eyes rolled back,…

7 Suitable Jobs For Writers

Writers don’t make any money, let alone a living. This has once again become a hot topic. A writer behind a newspaper article in this country just a short time ago was praised for bravery for saying exactly this, but those of us who live half of our existences online could have told you this a good two centuries ago.…