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Just Save Me From The Fictional Crying Woman

Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

There are too many women crying in fiction. You can’t move in film and TV for women in floods of tears. Who is writing the crying woman? And how can we make it stop?


Can Terrible Books Make Great Movies?

Yes, of course they can! We tend only to talk about the great books we know which were assassinated by bad films, but we forget that there is another side to the coin. Filmmakers are always looking for ideas, and screenwriting tutors will tell you that it’s a hell of a lot easier for an unknown writer to…

An Open Letter to the Hair on Peaky Blinders

Gosh, open letters seem to be the weapon of choice these days, don’t they? And I have something to get off my chest. So today, we interrupt normal booky programming to bring you this message. Dear BBC Productions, Sometimes, when I’m watching your work, I have an irresistable urge to hunt down some of the crew,…