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Why You Shouldn’t Live With An Underwritten Christmas Character

This week I’m over at Anne R. Allen’s splendiferous blog in the US, wondering what it would be like to live with a well-known fictional character stereotype. At Christmas. Curious? Well, wonder no more, and count your blessings that you don’t…

Why Brexit and Trump Mean Big Romance is Due a Comeback

Why Brexit and Trump Mean Romance is Due a Comeback

The popularity of certain types of fiction waxes and wanes with economic cycles. This is because readers are human, and want to escape their reality. But if romantic fiction is the ultimate escapism, why isn’t it more popular at the moment? As usual, I have a theory about this, and I’m not afraid to use it…

Superblogger Chapter 6: How To Dress to Impress (The Haters)

Superblogger Chapter 6: How To Dress to Impress (The Haters)

Fashion blogging is all about getting ahead of the posse, and Superblogger has some extra special top tips for all you wannabe style demons out there! Such as: How do you selfie with designer labels if nobody’s sending you anything for free yet? Can you photograph yourself photographing shoes? And what do you say to people who don’t think that fashion bloggers work really, really, really hard?