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How I Learned To Cure My Anxiety With A Classic Smoky Eye

How I Learned To Cure My Anxiety With A Classic Smoky Eye

I’ve lost count of the number of times literally nobody has said to me, “what’s it like to be a really successful blogger?” The internet is alive with talk of how to make serious money from blogging, so it’s time to throw my hat into the Ring of Mind-Boggling Success and go where the money is. It’s on your face, by the way. Or at least it will be, by the time I’ve finished with it.


Hey Writers: You Need a New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

Hey Writers: You Need A New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day. He might be one of the better known saints, but there’s a patron saint of everything, if only you wish to look. Unfortunately for writers, I did look, and the patron saint of writing is complete crap. So I’ve written a manifesto for a new one.

I Realised Something And Now You Might Suffer For It

The Trans-Siberian Railway, Or What Not To Write About Russia

Sometimes a little bit of space can give you more perspective than a Renaissance painting. This is a pretty way of saying that I’ve been travelling, I’ve been thinking a lot, and the implications of that may cause more harm than good. For starters, I’m being prolific. And I think we can agree that nothing good can come of me having lots to say.