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Books In Beijing, Chinglish, And Sentences For Women

Books In Beijing, And How Women Should Speak Chinglish

In a bookshop in Beijing, I discover you can’t judge a book by its cover, Ireland for dummies, why frolicking is forbidden, and that in English, some sentences are spoken only by women.


Why Russian Geography Is Good for the Soul

Why Russian Geography Is Good for the Soul

If you think of Siberia, you might think of many things, but I doubt that mindfulness will be one of them. I’m not in the business of appearing in any way happy or zen, but I do like to surprise everyone, so if I’m going to do it, I may as well do it somewhere you wouldn’t expect.

I Realised Something And Now You Might Suffer For It

The Trans-Siberian Railway, Or What Not To Write About Russia

Sometimes a little bit of space can give you more perspective than a Renaissance painting. This is a pretty way of saying that I’ve been travelling, I’ve been thinking a lot, and the implications of that may cause more harm than good. For starters, I’m being prolific. And I think we can agree that nothing good can come of me having lots to say.

10 Exciting New Ways To Get Offended Which Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

What On Earth Makes Humans Write Horrible Reviews? (And Am I Part Of The Problem?)

Ten years ago, we had woefully little to get truly offended about. There was little pleasure to be had in face-to-face confrontation, given its general ickiness and constant threat of physical violence. But now we have LOADS to get offended about, every day of the week! Whoever says that things aren’t better nowadays obviously just doesn’t have enough friends online.