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What Not To Write About Irish Women, Royal Weddings, and Facebook Faces

2018 Was Busy. Let 2019 Be The Proof Of It

It’s been a tough week to be a woman in Ireland. Too many things filled up my brain to write satire, so I’m just going to tell you what I would have written about, had I not ended up with a brain that feels like one of those mops which NEVER wrings out, no matter what the infomercial told you.

Confessions of a Critic: What Makes People Write Nasty Reviews?

Confessions of a Critic: What Makes People Write Horrible Reviews?

This week, I set out to enquire what drives people to write really nasty reviews. Not only did I find the answer, but I also found out that I was the culprit (and so are you). In an attempt to soften this shocking revelation I have turned this life lesson into unmissable advice for authors and internet users. Just call me Dr. Spin-ling.

5-Minute Fixes For Your Desperately Dodgy Décor

Five-Minute Fixes For Your Desperately Dodgy Décor

Following unprecedented success in the world of beauty blogging, I have decided to venture forth into the Spangley Sparkleworld of Lifestyle Blogging, beginning with amazing home decorating tips which are more truthful than an ingestible lie detector; more insightful than a stoned Jedi master, and only slightly less patronising than a kale-munching 26-year-old in a tech start-up.

How I Learned To Cure My Anxiety With A Classic Smoky Eye

Honest Blurbs for Honest Writers

I’ve lost count of the number of times literally nobody has said to me, “what’s it like to be a really successful blogger?” The internet is alive with talk of how to make serious money from blogging, so it’s time to throw my hat into the Ring of Mind-Boggling Success and go where the money is. It’s on your face, by the way. Or at least it will be, by the time I’ve finished with it.