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Honest Blurbs For Honest Writers

Famous writers are regularly asked to provide glowing blurbs, or one-line reviews, for other people’s books. While many find it difficult to say no, it’s impossible for an Irish writer to say no. So because I am always generous and charitable, I decided to write a few honest blurbs which might help them through this particular diplomatic minefield.


Should We All Take a Summer Holiday from Social Media?

Should We All Take A Summer Holiday From Social Media?

Who reads blogs during the summer months? Particularly if the weather’s nice? Fewer people than watch Love Island, and that’s for sure. This leads me to a little online soul-searching, with the help of such philosophical heavyweights as The Guardian and the, er, Financial Times.

There’s An Indie Publishing Gold Rush, And Guess Who’s Making A Killing?

There’s An Indie Publishing Gold Rush, And Guess Who’s Making A Killing?

It is a little-known fact that the old trope of a piano falling on someone’s head was inspired by every Irish person ever who felt proud of themselves for even five minutes. In this post I deal with misplaced pride, indie publishing scams, bogus bestsellers, my difficult childhood, and why if you want to be original, you should never read anything written by anyone else. Ever.