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The New Slush Pile? It’s On Our Kindles

There’s An Indie Publishing Gold Rush, And Guess Who’s Making A Killing?

Have you ever read a book and thought – there’s something not quite right here, but I can’t put my finger on it, so I might just go and watch that thing everyone’s been talking about on Netflix instead? Me too. And as usual, I’ve been looking for people to blame. You’re welcome.


On This Day Of Love, I’m Declaring War

Confessions of a Critic: What Makes People Write Horrible Reviews?

A book that you’re wading through is like a bad boyfriend who eats all your time and never pays his way. And I’ve decided from this day forward I’m kicking him out. I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but you don’t come here for fluffy love, do you?

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

I want to blow my mind with a book, but the publishing world is consistently offering me the literary equivalent of aspirin. Unfortunately, what I want doesn’t seem to fit into those narrow marketing categories which now dictate everything we read. Don’t they know that the biggest blockbusters of the last few decades didn’t fit in either, and that’s kind of the bloody point?

What To Lie About Reading This Summer

What To Lie About Reading This Summer

Holiday reading lists are ridiculous. They are lists of books people haven’t read yet, and therefore full of books people won’t ever actually read. Authors are particular culprits, promoting their own books by lying about their intentions to read those written by other people. But are the rest of us mortal folk missing out on a trick? Not being quoted in newspapers doesn’t mean we can’t also go around lying about what we’re reading this summer. Why should authors have all the fun?

We Were All Young Adults Once: Why Are We Not All Reading Young Adult Fiction?

We Need To Talk About Book Pricing

Why is Young Adult Fiction pigeon-holed into a daftly narrow age category? If so-called General Fiction is a mirror held up to society which helps us to cope with what we are – how better to do this, than to look at ourselves while we are becoming what we are? But don’t worry, it’s not all serious. Or perhaps it all is, except for that last sentence. Hmmmm.