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On This Day Of Love, I’m Declaring War

Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

A book that you’re wading through is like a bad boyfriend who eats all your time and never pays his way. And I’ve decided from this day forward I’m kicking him out. I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but you don’t come here for fluffy love, do you?


Please Don’t Ask Me To Recommend A Book To You. It Will Only Hurt Us Both

Please Don’t Ask Me To Recommend You A Book: Why Book Reviewers Are An Endangered Species

Being a book reviewer is a tough gig, which is why I’m glad don’t do reviews on this blog. But because I spend so much time shouting and roaring all over the interweb about booky stuff, people often ask me for recommendations. It never ends well. Once it ended up in tears, recriminations, and a mud-wrestling pit. Who knew bookish types were so volatile? Well, actual book reviewers, for a start. And they’ve known for a while.

Marketing Your Indie Book – A Rough Nautical Map In A Sea Of Advertising Options

So you’ve published your book! Congratulations! All your hard work is now… beginning. That’s right, folks: it’s now time to sell your book. So roll back your sleeves, grab a sweatband, pull on the waders and let’s go into the murky waters of indie book advertising. I got some lovely data from fantasy author and blogmate Nicholas C. Rossis, author…

What Time Of The Year Should You Publish Your Novel?

I’ve been getting quite a few hits lately from search terms such as “when do I self-publish my novel?” and “when does a book need to be published for the Christmas market?” I already pontificated on the issue of self-publishing for Christmas in this post, but that only dealt with one time of year. Now I’d like to talk…