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Uh-Oh. There Goes Dignity Again. VOTE FOR MY PANTS

Oh, dear. There you are, minding your own business, when along comes another needy whiny blog post asking for support. Do you want to vote for me? It’s doesn’t really matter, because I’m asking you to do it anyway. Which is only logical. Also, Donald Trump naked on the toilet. It’s true. It’s the truth.

I Am Not There

Or there Because I am here   And here  And here And here.  Where blogging from one’s phone is a minor irritant on the pebbled beach of life. See you later. If I come back. If.

Want to slag off this blog? Now’s your chance

If you’re the sort of person who loves helping people (or issuing snappy takedowns to other opinionated types), then this is the post for YOU! Aren’t you glad you got up today? Or maybe you’re lying down. I don’t mind. I’m not positionist. Today, as a placeholder – because I have a post I can’t release until…

Flash Fiction Competition Update

Some news on the competition front! Remember the Book Title Generator/Flash Fiction contest? Which closed for entries last week? And which will enable one lucky entrant to end up with a lovely €/$50 Amazon voucher to spend through the computer of their choice? Well, I don’t have a winner yet. So don’t get excited. What I did get…

What is Assisted Publishing, Anyway?

One thing which keeps cropping up in my investigations into the world of non-traditional publishing is Assisted Publishing. Not quite self-publishing, but definitely not traditional publishing either. So what is it? For instance, people I’ve spoken to in the US have very different ideas of what Assisted Publishing is in comparison to those in Ireland or…