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Ease Your Way Out Of #Lockdown with POST-LOCKDOWN CHAT BINGO!

Post-Lockdown Chat Bingo

Anyone else a bit scared of post-lockdown freedoms? No? Just me? That’s fine, I don’t mind. You’ll still want to play Post-Lockdown Chat Bingo. COVID-19 was a global phenomenon, and that can only mean one thing: new clichés to skewer, and they’re all here. Every conversation you’re going to have for the next 3 months on a plate.
You’re welcome.

Why Writers Should Stop Torturing Their Goals… and Fail Better

More Demotivational Posters For Writers

I spent a lot of 2019 insulting my goals; poking them, calling them names, and generally hating on them. I’ve decided that in 2020 I should be kinder to them, and as well all know, whenever I decide something like that, I’m going to make a blog post out of it and insist that everyone should be doing it. You’re welcome.