Ease Your Way Out Of #Lockdown with POST-LOCKDOWN CHAT BINGO!

Post-Lockdown Chat Bingo

Anyone else a bit scared of post-lockdown freedoms? No? Just me? That’s fine, I don’t mind. You’ll still want to play Post-Lockdown Chat Bingo. COVID-19 was a global phenomenon, and that can only mean one thing: new clichés to skewer, and they’re all here. Every conversation you’re going to have for the next 3 months on a plate.
You’re welcome.

Hey, Writers! Now Is Your Time…… To Save The World For Real (For Once)

WRITERS! Now is Your Time... To Save The World For Real (For Once)

The world is currently clamouring for answers to rudimentary and yet essential questions, such as: How the hell are we supposed to work from home long-term and stay sane? How can we stay connected with people whilst still practicing social distancing? And what’s this got to do with writers, and how they might just be able to save the world for real this time?