Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

In what will resound through the world as a shock move, I divide this post in two to ask: when is a 5-star review not a 5-star review, and why should they be banned? Then I attempt to completely subvert the laws of physics by asking you for ADVICE. Pop something bubbly. This may never happen again.


Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

I read an article about niche comedy, and had a thought. We all know that me thinking thoughts can never come to any good, so you may as well read this post to confirm your (entirely justified) prejudices. For one thing, validation makes you feel good. For another, I make an amazing analogy about car windows you won’t want to miss. Honest.

No Granny, Advice From Bloggers, and Wasted Film Smashes: 2017 In Books

Advice From Bloggers, Film Spectaculars, and No Granny: The Year In Books 2017

In January I shocked the world by reviewing the Year In Books 2017 before any of it had already happened. I am now reviewing my review in an even more reflective piece which is not to be mistaken for the kind of end-of-year filler posts one sees around this time where bloggers go over what they already said because they’re too drunk to provide new content. Merry Christmas!

The Twelve Days Of Christmas…Writing Clichés

The Twelve Days of Christmas (...Writing Clichés)

I have a guest post over at Anne R. Allen’s mighty blog today, where I rework a very old festive song classic and make it all about writers at Christmas. Without writers there would be no Christmas, and without blogs there would be no place to put this sort of daft joke. I know, I can’t believe my luck either.