Hey Writers: You Need a New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

Hey Writers: You Need A New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day. He might be one of the better known saints, but there’s a patron saint of everything, if only you wish to look. Unfortunately for writers, I did look, and the patron saint of writing is complete crap. So I’ve written a manifesto for a new one.


Why A Crime Novel Cop Should Never Live With A Chick-Lit Heroine

Why A Crime Novel Cop Should Never Live With A Chick-Lit Heroine

By this time we know why we should never live with one of the great fictional stereotypes: it’ll never end well. But publishing is changing, and the genre mash-up has already gained some ground. So what happens when genres collide? What would happen if a hard-nosed Cop from a Crime Novel shared a house with a hapless Chick-Lit Heroine?

Who Says An Author Can’t Hate Their Book Cover?

Who Says An Author Isn't Allowed To Hate Their Book Cover?

It snowed a lot in Ireland this week, and nobody could talk about anything else. It’s very difficult to argue about snow, and a major weather event tends to bring people together. Thankfully, though, there’s always somebody online having a book-related brawl, just in case we’re ever in danger of getting too complacent about humanity.


Finally: The Book List For Book Lovers Who Can’t Find Books To Love

The Book List For Book Lovers Who Can't Find Books To Love

Once upon a time, a blogger couldn’t find anything she wanted to read. So she did the unthinkable, and asked the good citizens of the internet for advice. This is about the only time this year you’re going to get a happy ending to a real-life story involving social media and human beings, so you may as well read what happened next.


Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

In what will resound through the world as a shock move, I divide this post in two to ask: when is a 5-star review not a 5-star review, and why should they be banned? Then I attempt to completely subvert the laws of physics by asking you for ADVICE. Pop something bubbly. This may never happen again.


Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

I read an article about niche comedy, and had a thought. We all know that me thinking thoughts can never come to any good, so you may as well read this post to confirm your (entirely justified) prejudices. For one thing, validation makes you feel good. For another, I make an amazing analogy about car windows you won’t want to miss. Honest.


Books In Beijing, Chinglish, And Sentences For Women

Books In Beijing, And How Women Should Speak Chinglish

In a bookshop in Beijing, I discover you can’t judge a book by its cover, Ireland for dummies, why frolicking is forbidden, and that in English, some sentences are spoken only by women.


Why Russian Geography Is Good for the Soul

Why Russian Geography Is Good for the Soul

If you think of Siberia, you might think of many things, but I doubt that mindfulness will be one of them. I’m not in the business of appearing in any way happy or zen, but I do like to surprise everyone, so if I’m going to do it, I may as well do it somewhere you wouldn’t expect.


Why Competitive Travelling Is The New World Sport

Why Competitive Travelling Is The New World Sport

You may think travel is a privilege. It’s not. It’s a war. With that in mind, I have an idea for a fun, healthy way for today’s competitive travellers to make mincemeat out of each other.


What Not To Write About Russia

The Trans-Siberian: Or What Not To Write About Russia

I sat down to write about the Russian part of the Trans-Siberian Railway journey. It turned out to be harder than you might think, and here’s why.