Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

I want to blow my mind with a book, but the publishing world is consistently offering me the literary equivalent of aspirin. Unfortunately, what I want doesn’t seem to fit into those narrow marketing categories which now dictate everything we read. Don’t they know that the biggest blockbusters of the last few decades didn’t fit in either, and that’s kind of the bloody point?

Why You Should Never Live With A Romantic Hero

Why You Should Never Live With A Romantic Hero

Romantic heroes. Sigh. All that tortured power in a designer shirt. So much angst and wealth. So little practicality, and mental health. Because they’ve been hurt before – y’know? But you would never do that. It’s different with you.

But what really happens after ‘The End’? When dietary fibre and la vie quotidienne get in the way? What would it really be like to LIVE with a tortured romantic hero?

There Are No New Stories, So You May As Well Steal The Old Ones

Is Amazon Changing The Way We Write Books, As Well As How We Buy Them?

It’s harder than ever to get published by writing original fiction. So why bother? Why not just reimagine a proven bestseller with a tweak of genre, or a change of setting, and call it your own? If it works in politics…

So how about writing The Bourne Identity as a lifestyle thriller set in IKEA? What if fans of Stephen King wanted to see his take on YA Romance? Would The Hunger Games work as a diet book?

The Sensational 2017 Review Of What Hasn’t Happened Yet

Your Sensational 2017 Review Of What Hasn't Happened Yet

I will be far too busy at the end of this year to look back over what happened in the book world in 2017, so I’m doing my review now, before any of it has happened. Those of you familiar with this shtick may be aware that my 2016 advance review may have accidentally heralded the apocalypse. Sorry about that. I’m not proud of it, but I’m afraid I can’t promise you sunshine and bunnies in 2017 either.