Tark and Mara Find A Champion For The Super-Rich

How I Learned To Cure My Anxiety With A Classic Smoky Eye

Dublin’s richest miscreants further their takeover of that awful Spalding woman’ blog, and their plans to turn the wealthiest 1% of the world into figures deserving of unconditional love and adoration. It’s all downhill from here.


Tark And Mara Reluctantly Agree To Appear On That Dreadful Blog

Tark And Mara Reluctantly Agree To Appear On That Dreadful Blog

Tark agrees to make a reappearance on that dreadful Sparkling woman’s blog, much to Mara’s disgust. However, as always, all is not as it seems. Tark has his own agenda, and it’s one which just might change the entire world.

10 Exciting New Ways To Get Offended Which Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Who Says Authors Aren't Allowed To Hate Their Book Covers?

Ten years ago, we had woefully little to get truly offended about. There was little pleasure to be had in face-to-face confrontation, given its general ickiness and constant threat of physical violence. But now we have LOADS to get offended about, every day of the week! Whoever says that things aren’t better nowadays obviously just doesn’t have enough friends online.

The Obsolete Narrative Devices Support Group

The Obsolete Narrative Device’s Support Group

It’s HIGH CONCEPT JOKE TIME! A group of unfashionable narrative techniques attend their weekly support group, unaware that impending disaster is about to tear their world apart. Can the Omniscient Third Person Narrator refrain from commenting on everyone else? Will the Prologue From The Future ever get to finish? And will One-Liner Bob get to have the last laugh?

Why You Should Never Live With A Woman From A Historical Period TV Drama

Why You Should Never Live With A Woman From A Historical TV Drama

We can’t get enough of these modern historical TV dramas! Such feisty heroines! Such swashbuckling storylines! Such bosoms! Seriously, there are bosoms everywhere! Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have such excitement in real life?

But hold on a second… what would this mean for your olfactory well-being? Your ultra-modern duplex? Your HONOUR?