Take the 3-Question Ad Results Survey

The last post regarding e-book advertising costs to sales kind of exploded. Now, that sounds very violent, but I don’t mind, because if there’s one thing I love, it’s data goo.

Now my partner in crime, fantasy author Nicholas C. Rossis, has hit on the genius idea of asking you authors – yes, you out there – for your own advertising results. If you have marketed your own book, please visit his site and take his survey: just 3 tiny wee questions will take only 2 minutes but make some data lovers (like me) very happy, but more importantly, contribute to invaluable information which will be promptly re-released to you, on which advertising methods have worked, and which have not.

Please take the survey! If you do, I promise at least one more chart. Mmmmmm….. charts…..

Nicholas C. Rossis

Call to Arms PosterFiguring out where to advertise your book is worse than standing in a betting shop, five minutes before a race. You have money in your pocket, but a limited amount of time in which to select a guaranteed winner, and the odds are not in your favor.

I have already posted my ad results online. But I need more information. So, please send me your precious data. Where did you advertise, how much did it cost you and how many books did you sell as a result?

I will use this data to inform you of the best ways to invest your precious, limited advertising budgets. Also, I promise to share my own sales and ad results with you. With your help, we can reach thousands more – just share, reblog and share some more. Let’s help each other navigate these treacherous waters and make sure we don’t spend another dime in…

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  6 comments for “Take the 3-Question Ad Results Survey

  1. March 3, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Mmm… Charts…

    Thank you for all your awesome support!!! 🙂

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