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Hey Writers: You Need a New Patron Saint, Your Old One Sucks

What On Earth Makes Humans Write Horrible Reviews? (And Am I Part Of The Problem?)

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day. He might be one of the better known saints, but there’s a patron saint of everything, if only you wish to look. Unfortunately for writers, I did look, and the patron saint of writing is complete crap. So I’ve written a manifesto for a new one.


Big Bang Comedy, and the Shattered Windscreen of the Internet

Confessions of a Critic: What Makes People Write Horrible Reviews?

I read an article about niche comedy, and had a thought. We all know that me thinking thoughts can never come to any good, so you may as well read this post to confirm your (entirely justified) prejudices. For one thing, validation makes you feel good. For another, I make an amazing analogy about car windows you won’t want to miss. Honest.

I Realised Something And Now You Might Suffer For It

The Trans-Siberian Railway, Or What Not To Write About Russia

Sometimes a little bit of space can give you more perspective than a Renaissance painting. This is a pretty way of saying that I’ve been travelling, I’ve been thinking a lot, and the implications of that may cause more harm than good. For starters, I’m being prolific. And I think we can agree that nothing good can come of me having lots to say.