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Why You Should Never Live With An Unreliable Narrator

Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

We all know what it’s like to have difficult flatmates. Insomniacs. Musicians. Drug Addicts. Botanists. When things get really sour, a fictional flatmate would be ideal. But what if you were to live with a modern grip-lit heroine from the likes of Girl On The Train, Gone Girl, or Before I Go To Sleep?

Yay! A New Book By Your Favourite Author! Except It Isn’t

I hope you’re ready for another barrage of articles about the new Stieg-Larsson-Not-Stieg-Larsson, because they’re queuing up like full bladders at a music festival Portaloo. But first, at the risk of incontinence, I would myself like to discuss the marketing phenomenon that is ‘Continuation Fiction’.* In the world of Continuation Fiction, the characters live on, even if the authors don’t. Or indeed,…

New! Mathematical Mondays

…Exploring dubious theories by using real numbers to prove intangible arguments. Today: Why You Should Be Writing A Book The Formula (Where y= number of books read by a regular reader in 1 year and  P = population) How Many People Could Be Reading Your Book? I read between 20-40 books a year, depending on how long, literary,…

Print Vs E-Books…. FIGHT!!!! Part 2

In Part 1 we covered the smell of fiction; book exchanges in Asia; finding that important passage you didn’t notice was important at the time, and reading whilst asleep. But that only covers the obvious stuff. The fiction fracas continues. 5. Sun Factor Paper doesn’t care if that really annoying kid dive-bombing the swimming pool…