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Why You Should Never Live With A Cop From A Crime Novel

You love the cops in crime novels. So careworn, and yet mysterious. They have money, and yet never spend it on themselves. Granted, being married to one is just asking for trouble. But you could just share a house with one, right? That would be exciting, and spice up your humdrum existence no end!

Let’s take a look, and see if you might want to think this through a little more…


Why You Should Never Live With A Chick-Lit Heroine

Is Mediocrity The Path To True Equality?

Ever had a difficult flatmate? Perhaps you’ve wished that instead of a detergent-deprived insomniac, a tone-deaf reptile enthusiast or a fiscally challenged Snoremaster, you lived with the hilarious heroine from one of your favourite novels. That would be so much better! Much more fun!

Or would it?

10 Classic Novels Marketed As If They Were Published Today

10 Classic Novels Marketed As If They Were Published Today

There are certain classic novels which we all know, because they’re still widely read today. But what would they look like if they were being published for the first time this year? Would Jane Eyre fit the Domestic Noir genre profile? Would the numerous plot strands of Bleak House be dumbed down? Who would supply the perfect cover quote for Robinson Crusoe? And who would dare to pigeon hole Ulysses? I would, that’s who.