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I Hate Women’s Fiction And I’ll Tell You Why

A Book-Loving List for Book Lovers Who Can't Find Anything Good to Read

If Colm Toibín’s Brooklyn had been written by a woman, would it have been a smash hit? Would anyone have cared one whit for a story about a young woman and her domestic struggles, if that young woman had been created and written by another woman? No. They wouldn’t.

Benchmarking Book Reviews, Or How To Untwist One’s Knickers

For a blogger, there’s nothing quite as sweet as gaggles of people getting their knickers in a twist over something. (Those of you who don’t blog yourselves probably don’t know that the blogging equivalent of Natural Law is a list, called “Things That People Get Very Angry About On The Internet”. Whenever we’re stuck for an idea of…

Showbiz/Political Autobiography Book Title Generator

So you’re famous! Congratulations! You’ve spent years building up enough fans/cash/scandal/failed relationships/headlines/backhanders/gratuitous nudity, to be recognised on the street! Well done, you! Now all you need is to bung out the first volume of your autobiography. After all, a few million in royalties will give you some extra pocket money, and your bad habits have been catching up with…