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Why The Death of the Book Can Mean Opportunities for Writers

Why Brexit and Trump Mean Romance is Due a Comeback

The way that publishing works today is unrecognisable in comparison to 15 years ago. For many readers and writers, it hasn’t changed for the better, resulting in much weeping, wailing, and a deluge of think pieces pretending to know what they’re talking about (just like this one). But you know what else changed as much in that time? Television. And it’s kicking ass. Why can’t publishing?

How Do You Write For An International Market?

They say, ‘Write what you know’. Or the world will see through you. That’s all very fine and well, except when you turn out exceptionally beautiful prose in your unique and local dialect, which readers beyond the next mountain find difficult to understand. Or in more general terms, America. I know James Joyce, Roddy Doyle, Irvine Welsh and Dylan…