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Is Light Entertainment Secretly Changing The World?

A Passive Aggressive and Yet Somehow Loving Exchange of Views With My Internet Profile

Is there a connection between light entertainment on TV, and Brexit? Am I going to make one whether there is or not?

Just like we began, I would like to end 2017 on a low note. And may I wish you all the happiest of New Years (you’re going to need it, when you find out what I have in store for you…)

Selling Your Book In A Post-Factual, Post-Brexit World

A Living Wage For Writers – From The Most UNLIKELY Source

Dear Mister Publisher, I have written the best book. My book will be bigger than the bible. It will make cynics laugh, optimists cry, and toast. Before he died, David Bowie said he wished he had written it. Anyone who does not want to read my book is a potential terrorist.