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An Open Letter To The 20-Year-Old Faceless Girl On My Book Cover

Open Letter To The 20-Year-Old Headless Girl On The Cover Of My Book

You’re on every book cover. You’re the same woman, with different hair. But I cannot relate to you, and neither can anyone else. You are annoying me. And so I write this open letter to you, 20-year-old faceless girl who does not represent either me or the characters who speak beneath your covers.

Why You Should Never Live With An Unreliable Narrator

Hey, Big Reader: What Did I Miss?

We all know what it’s like to have difficult flatmates. Insomniacs. Musicians. Drug Addicts. Botanists. When things get really sour, a fictional flatmate would be ideal. But what if you were to live with a modern grip-lit heroine from the likes of Girl On The Train, Gone Girl, or Before I Go To Sleep?