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Are Men Just Funnier Than Women?

Where Did All The Weird Funny Stuff Go Before The Internet?

Why do so many female comedians struggle to be taken funnily? Is your mother to blame? Do you like broad beans? And why is there an ‘X’ in First Person?


Tark And Mara Make Art Pay

Why You Should Never Live With A Literary Fiction Hero

The terrifyingly powerful Tark and Mara form a plan to find a true and quantifiable value for art, so that they can quadruple it, and then watch it increase. And if you have a spare million or three lying about, you can do it too.

Your Annual Review Of Things That Haven’t Happened Yet

Let's NOT Call It Up-Lit: Your Fiction Prescription For A World Gone Bonkers

Time for my now-annual tradition of reviewing the events of the book world before anything has actually happened, because I’ll be far too busy in December 2016 – smiting my enemies and sewing appliqué onto my elbow patches, etc – to do it after events have passed. This also saves you time: after reading this, you needn’t bother with the end of this year at all. Isn’t that wonderful?