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Another Fine Mashup: Why The Heroes of Romantic and Literary Fiction Shouldn’t Live Together

Another Fine Mashup Mess: Why The Heroes of Romantic and Literary Fiction Shouldn’t Live Together

We’re overdue some fun with fictional stereotypes. What would happen to the characters we all know and love if literary genres collided? What if a tortured Romantic Hero were to dwell in tension-filled ennui with the moribund overthinker that is the Literary Fiction Protagonist?

The Obsolete Narrative Devices Support Group

The Obsolete Narrative Device’s Support Group

It’s HIGH CONCEPT JOKE TIME! A group of unfashionable narrative techniques attend their weekly support group, unaware that impending disaster is about to tear their world apart. Can the Omniscient Third Person Narrator refrain from commenting on everyone else? Will the Prologue From The Future ever get to finish? And will One-Liner Bob get to have the last laugh?

Up Yours, Literary Fiction

I know. How uncouth! How belligerent, sanctimonious, and other words of more than 1 syllable! Book genres have become a bit of a joke really, as I was saying in my last post regarding the nonsense categorisation of “Women’s Fiction”. Here’s another literary joke for you: ************************************************ Q. What’s the difference between Literary Fiction and Romance? A. So’s your face. ************************************************ Isn’t that…