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5 Questions Writers and Readers Should Be Asking About Brexit

5 Questions Writers and Readers Should Be Asking About Brexit

As we are now in a post-thinking society, I’ve decided to pose some questions relating to the publishing world after Brexit, and what it’s all going to mean for writers and readers. Warning: this post contains no fake news, and one shocking lean towards optimism.


The Book Awards The Big Guys Don’t Want You To Know About

The Book Awards The Big Guys Don't Want You To Know About

It’s time for a new set of book awards, which more accurately reflect the modern industry. So who will win the prize for ‘Most Profitable Resurrection Of A Dead Author’? What about ‘Book Club Darling Most Likely To Cause Smugness When The Movie Comes Out’? Or ‘Most Blatant Exploitation of The Book-Buying Public’? Read on to find out.

Yay! A New Book By Your Favourite Author! Except It Isn’t

I hope you’re ready for another barrage of articles about the new Stieg-Larsson-Not-Stieg-Larsson, because they’re queuing up like full bladders at a music festival Portaloo. But first, at the risk of incontinence, I would myself like to discuss the marketing phenomenon that is ‘Continuation Fiction’.* In the world of Continuation Fiction, the characters live on, even if the authors don’t. Or indeed,…