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5 Bloomin’ Rules for Spring-Cleaning Your Overwintered Manuscript

5 Blooming Rules for Spring-Cleaning Your Overwintered Manuscript

On what felt like the first and long-awaited spring day of the year, I think about how the things we do in this season could also be applied to fiction that’s been in hibernation for any period of time.
(And if anyone dares to make a comment about how writing a blog post about something instead of actually doing it is the ultimate procrastination, I will sic Tark and Mara on you.)

Is Your Reading Beating Up Your Writing?

WRITERS! Now is Your Time... To Save The World For Real (For Once)

We’re told that by far the best training for writers is reading. But what happens when what you’re reading is being a big bully? Tempting you with sweet nothings? Calling you names? Interfering with your confidence and ability to write? I have a conversation with an unbearably smug book to explore the concept, and discover something nasty.

Probably The Most Disingenuous Blog Post In The World (With 45% Extra Lies)

It’s the time of year when all those involved in sales choose to ignore lovely loyal customers in favour of their shiny new ones. It’s a terrible state of affairs, which is why, in this blogging review of 2015, I have included several scandalous and downright disgusting lies, which only beloved old blog readers will be able to identify. These shocking, vile and unbelievable lies are only a clickbait, sorry, a click away!

5 Cheeky Tips For Bloggers Embarking On The A-Z Challenge

  April is a month when thousands of bloggers embark on what’s called the The A-Z Challenge: where people blog on 26 near-consecutive days (every day except Sundays) – on a theme of their choice. It’s a fantastic exercise. It can get the blog blood flowing, prodding bloggers either out of a pit, or into a routine; and it’s a sure-fire way…

Guest Post: The Emotional Heart of The Story

Today I have a guest post with great writing tips from  the multitalented Catherine Brophy. Catherine is an Irish writer,  story teller, broadcaster, teacher, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She has written four novels, numerous short stories and scripts for both film and TV.  She’s at http://www.catherinebrophy.ie when she’s at home. The Emotional Heart… it sounds like the title of a love story.…

Mathematical Mondays: The Percentages of Plot

I’m sure someone wiser, prettier, and kinder to children than I am has already discussed this, but it struck me the other day whilst working on the NaNoWriMo novel (sometimes affectionately, sometimes disparagingly known as “No. 2”) that I didn’t know whether my plot was proportionately pleasing, so to speak. Is what’s happening, happening at the right time, or…