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Dissecting The Blurb Part 3: Short Stories, Self-Help And Literary Fiction

Dissecting The Blurb Part 3: Short Stories, Self-Help and Literary Fiction

In the third and final part of ‘what the hell is a book blurb and how am I supposed to write one’, we explore the genres of Short Stories – from both famous and less famous authors; Self-Help, and Literary Fiction. Sort of.


Yay! A New Book By Your Favourite Author! Except It Isn’t

I hope you’re ready for another barrage of articles about the new Stieg-Larsson-Not-Stieg-Larsson, because they’re queuing up like full bladders at a music festival Portaloo. But first, at the risk of incontinence, I would myself like to discuss the marketing phenomenon that is ‘Continuation Fiction’.* In the world of Continuation Fiction, the characters live on, even if the authors don’t. Or indeed,…

It’s My Blogiversary, And I’m Having A Tantrum About Greedy Publishers

  Today is my 2nd blogiversary. On this day, 2 years ago, I published my first blog post, little knowing how many lives I was going to ruin. (Chiefly mine, because constantly thinking of things to give out about gives me very little time to do anything but eat unhealthy food, and make obscene gestures at…