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Finally: The Book List For Book Lovers Who Can’t Find Books To Love

The Book List For Book Lovers Who Can't Find Books To Love

Once upon a time, a blogger couldn’t find anything she wanted to read. So she did the unthinkable, and asked the good citizens of the internet for advice. This is about the only time this year you’re going to get a happy ending to a real-life story involving social media and human beings, so you may as well read what happened next.


What Do Books And Potentially Dead Cats Have In Common?

What Do Books And Potentially Dead Cats Have In Common?

It’s time you stopped blaming that book you wrote or recommended for the fact I didn’t like it. It’s time you started blaming me instead. With a little help from quantum physics, I explain why loving any book is a miracle, why my bad mood became your problem, and why writing a book is like putting an unseen cat in a poisonous box.

Is Amazon Changing How We Write Books, As Well As How We Buy Them?

5 Green Rules For Spring-Cleaning an Overwintered Manuscript

Amazon’s algorithms don’t like the concept of General Fiction. If books are being sold more on the basis of genre than content, is content changing to suit genre fads? I think so. And if you’ve ever read a book which promised something it didn’t deliver, or seemed like two different plots or styles clumsily slapped together, you might think so, too.

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

I want to blow my mind with a book, but the publishing world is consistently offering me the literary equivalent of aspirin. Unfortunately, what I want doesn’t seem to fit into those narrow marketing categories which now dictate everything we read. Don’t they know that the biggest blockbusters of the last few decades didn’t fit in either, and that’s kind of the bloody point?

It’s My Blogiversary, And I’m Having A Tantrum About Greedy Publishers

  Today is my 2nd blogiversary. On this day, 2 years ago, I published my first blog post, little knowing how many lives I was going to ruin. (Chiefly mine, because constantly thinking of things to give out about gives me very little time to do anything but eat unhealthy food, and make obscene gestures at…

New! Mathematical Mondays

…Exploring dubious theories by using real numbers to prove intangible arguments. Today: Why You Should Be Writing A Book The Formula (Where y= number of books read by a regular reader in 1 year and  P = population) How Many People Could Be Reading Your Book? I read between 20-40 books a year, depending on how long, literary,…