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More Demotivational Posters For Writers

More Demotivational Posters For Writers

I toyed with the idea of bringing you an inspirational, motivational, muppetational post which might fuel you all to sally forth into the world with good cheer. Then I came to my senses, and realised – you don’t want that. Writers want cynicism, bitterness, and hopelessness. Thank Blog you’re here – because I have just the thing for you.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas…Writing Clichés

Dear Santa: This is What A Writer Wants for Christmas

I have a guest post over at Anne R. Allen’s mighty blog today, where I rework a very old festive song classic and make it all about writers at Christmas. Without writers there would be no Christmas, and without blogs there would be no place to put this sort of daft joke. I know, I can’t believe my luck either.

7 Suitable Jobs For Writers

Writers don’t make any money, let alone a living. This has once again become a hot topic. A writer behind a newspaper article in this country just a short time ago was praised for bravery for saying exactly this, but those of us who live half of our existences online could have told you this a good two centuries ago.…

Tark And Mara Do Blog Awards

( I know, I know. This REEKS of dragging it out. But it’s a month today, and I did promise Tark and Mara’s take on the Blog Awards ages ago. Then we’re done, I swear.) Somewhere in a parallel universe, a large function room in Co. Kill Dare was brimming with hope, excitement, and alcohol, wherein the Blogerati had gathered,…

Unbelievable New Tax Reforms For Writers in Ireland

Yup. That’s what I said, folks. Unbelievable. The Irish government issued its annual budget on Tuesday. In it, there were plenty of teeny-tiny measures to please almost everybody just a teeny-tiny bit, but nothing targeted at the artistic community, or at writers in particular. I reckon the government missed a trick here (particularly if, as I suspect, every second…

C’mon, Writers! 5 Reasons To Ditch The Rivalry

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about rivalry in the writing and publishing industries. And it’s a sad state of affairs. Because it’s complete and utter nonsense. Rivalry is an alluring demon for authors (and, indeed, reviewers). For one thing, the very nature of writing  – a solitary activity, which rarely if ever allows for human interaction in the physical act itself –…