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We Were All Young Adults Once: Why Are We Not All Reading Young Adult Fiction?

We Need To Talk About Book Pricing

Why is Young Adult Fiction pigeon-holed into a daftly narrow age category? If so-called General Fiction is a mirror held up to society which helps us to cope with what we are – how better to do this, than to look at ourselves while we are becoming what we are? But don’t worry, it’s not all serious. Or perhaps it all is, except for that last sentence. Hmmmm.

Benchmarking Book Reviews, Or How To Untwist One’s Knickers

For a blogger, there’s nothing quite as sweet as gaggles of people getting their knickers in a twist over something. (Those of you who don’t blog yourselves probably don’t know that the blogging equivalent of Natural Law is a list, called “Things That People Get Very Angry About On The Internet”. Whenever we’re stuck for an idea of…

Up Yours, Literary Fiction

I know. How uncouth! How belligerent, sanctimonious, and other words of more than 1 syllable! Book genres have become a bit of a joke really, as I was saying in my last post regarding the nonsense categorisation of “Women’s Fiction”. Here’s another literary joke for you: ************************************************ Q. What’s the difference between Literary Fiction and Romance? A. So’s your face. ************************************************ Isn’t that…