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Superblogger Chapter 4: How To Make Dough From Your Food Blog

How to Make Dough From Your Food Blog

Do you want to have the tastiest food blog around? Well, or at least, the next tastiest to Superblogger’s?! Tune in to find out the secret to foodie online stardom, how many celebrity friends to have at a dinner party, and the signature dish that’s going to make your name and your money!

Superblogger Chapter 3 (ii): How To Make Wealth Out Of Mental Health

This is what real happiness looks like I swear

It’s hard to understand how anyone who’s living their best life – like I am – could ever be sad. But the truth is, sadness can happen to anyone, even celebrities. So who should you go to for advice about how to be happy again? Why, bloggers, of course! And Superblogger’s just the one to give it to you!

Superblogger Chapter 3: The Wellbeing Of Looking Weller Than Other People (Part 1)

Superblogger: The Wellbeing Of Looking Weller Than Others

Wellbeing is all very well, but at the end of the day, when it comes to online superstardom, it’s all about looking weller than other people! That’s right, fans – in Part 1 of a 2-Part series, today Superblogger wants to tell you how to look the wellest you’ve ever looked, and bring the good feelings home, together with the Likes.

Superblogger Chapter 2: The Thinnest Fitness Blog You’ll Ever Read

The Superblogger Chapter 2: The Best Fitness Blog You'll Ever Read

You guys, Superblogger wants you to feel as light and bright as they do this New Year, even though you’re so blimpy and hopeless in comparison. Tune in for a day in the life of a top fitness blogger; Superblogger’s exclusive tips on how to lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes – and how the basic goblet squat will change your life, no matter how fat your thighs are right now. #inspo #thinspo #thighspiration