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Should We All Take a Summer Holiday from Social Media?

Should We All Take A Summer Holiday From Social Media?

Who reads blogs during the summer months? Particularly if the weather’s nice? Fewer people than watch Love Island, and that’s for sure. This leads me to a little online soul-searching, with the help of such philosophical heavyweights as The Guardian and the, er, Financial Times.

The Most Effective 5-Minute Workout In The World (Which EVEN YOU Can Do, Fatty!)

The Most Effective 5-Minute Workout In The World (Which EVEN YOU Can Do, Fatty!)

In the latest of my thoroughly successful series to become a top money-earning blogger, I have turned myself into an inspirational Fitness Expert. Let my real diet be no reason to be sceptical of my frankly dubious claims! Let my true exercise routine be no reason not to buy the stuff I say you should buy! And let my actual body shape be no barrier to your willingness to follow my inexpert advice!

What’s Happening To Free Internet Content?

5 Green Rules For Spring-Cleaning an Overwintered Manuscript

The notion of artists working for free is a frequent hot topic online. Is writing or performing for free in order to get so called ‘exposure’ the great modern swizz which is destroying the potential of a generation? Perhaps that question has already been answered, because a lot of high-quality free internet content is disappearing. And it’s making me think.